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There are six types of resources in Castle Overlord, represented by six utility tokens. You may choose to spend resources to upgrade NFTs, purchase various items, or trade the resources with other players. Tokens are distributed in fixed supplies and we design the game flow to ensure there will be no oversupply.


Maintaining the value of tokens is a very important aspect of the NFT gaming business. We design the game flow carefully to create a token economy that is self-sustaining, with a steady flow and consistent market desirability. This way we will be able to avoid token devaluation and token burning.


Tokens will be unlocked periodically throughout the game's lifecycle. We allocate a portion of the tokens' supply for the play-to-earn aspects, and reserve another portion for internal distribution. We also offer investment in the form of tokens purchase. Please contact us if you are interested in getting onboard.

Become An Investor

Contact us through this form to communicate your interest in investing or partnering with Castle Overlord.


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