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Welcome to Castle Overlord

A competitive multiplayer strategy game aimed at NFT enthusiasts. The game allows players to collect and trade NFTs, battle each other, and utilize the 3D models for various projects.

Why Play Castle Overlord?

Low Entry Barrier

Try the game for free with limited features. Earn rewards by owning at least one NFT trooper.

Unlimited NFT Variations

Get unique-looking units and express your style in the battlefield! Each minting period offers a different NFT selection.


Earn resources both actively and passively. Will you focus on offense, defense, or strive for a balance?

High Utility

NFTs are more than simply collectibles. Download the 3D models and use them in your own projects, or 3D-print into toys!

NFT Factions

Castle Overlord currently consists of three factions: Steampunk, Samurai, and Military. Each faction will only be available for a limited period of time. More factions will be added in the future!

NFT-showcase-large (2).png
NFT-showcase-large (3).png
NFT-showcase-large (1).png

Game Features


Assault Battle

Plunder other players' resources by attacking their bases. Bolster your army by collecting rare troops and upgrading their stats.

Defense Battle

Protect your wealth by owning castles and towers. A successful defense will allow you to earn resources even while you're not playing the game!

Raid Battle

Team up with other players to raid a common enemy and get great rewards. Raids are only available for a limited time. Don't forget to plan ahead!

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